Cecil Myers

42 (going on 18)

Started Riding:
Age 4

Current Machinery:
2014 Holeshot Racing Kawasaki zx-10r turbo 490+hp only one in the world. 2015 Holeshot Racing Kawasaki h2 hp unknown at this time.

First American rider for Holeshot Racing, 2014 first American to compete in wheelie/speed event, 2015 first American to complete back to back kilo wheelie fastest one 134.4 on a natural aspirated motorcycle ,2016 broke world record ice wheelie at 133.2 on Holeshot Racing Kawasaki h2, 2016 first American to complete kilo wheelie on Holeshot zx10 turbo at 197.0 mph (placed 3rd) fastest top speed run 229.2 mph on Holeshot Racing turbo. 2017 first Holeshot Racing Kawasaki zx10 to be delivered to the United States for world record ice wheelie currently hold unofficial fastest ice wheelie record.

Favorite Bike:
Holeshot Racing ZX10R Turbo, there is nothing better, best bike ever.

Best Memory Riding:
Best memories were when I was little and my dad would take me for rides on his big bikes back then, my dad always had 5 or more motorcycles to choose from, also when I completed my first kilo wheelie for my friend Justin Mills in 2015 very emotional, and then in 2016 doing the 197 kilo wheelie that put me 3rd place and 4th fastest in history a huge honor!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

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