Well we think it's safe to assume you understand we know how to tune motorcycle engines and we would like to think our work speaks volumes!


Many people ask us...

Can you tune my bike?

Can you make my bike faster?

How much power can I get?

How much is it to tune my bike?


Well, we can answer ALL of the above but fundamentally you need to answer these questions from us...


What do you want to use your bike for?

What are you tuning your bike for?

What is your budget?


Once you can answer these questions, we can answer yours. All too often people wish to tune their bikes or have a misunderstanding of how to tune a bike which means it is hard for us to ascertain exactly what you wish to achieve and how we tune your machine. There are many ways to tune or modify an engine, but it makes financial sense and a fit for purpose logical approach to establish suitability for your machine. Best thing to do is drop us a line via e-mail here, we will then get back to you with a general idea of time, costing, etc and we can take the rest from there.



Holeshot Racing

We offer good honest advice and services for engine tuning and remapping.

If you do not look after your motor, service or treat it with the respect it deserves you may damage it and cause costly repairs.